Five Reasons to Switch from Smoking to Vaping

Smoking is the number one cause of untimely deaths. Each year millions of people lose the battle to smoking related diseases. Some suffer from heart and lung disorders while others succumb to cancer. Despite knowing all the dire consequences people find it very hard to quit smoking.

E-cigarettes have recently come under the spotlight, being touted as equipment which can actually help you quit smoking. However, there’s a certain catch, while you make a transition from smoking to vaping you need to make sure you actually kick your smoking habit instead of indulging in both.

Below are five reasons why you need to switch from smoking to using E-cigarettes right now

  1. E-juices contain less harmful chemicals

Smoking releases tar. Tar contains thousands of carcinogens. E-juices do not release tar as a byproduct. On the other hand the nicotine levels found in an E-juice are considerably less than those found in regular cigarettes. Plus vaping releases vapor instead of smoke and even reduces the problems caused by second hand smoking. Be smart and make the switch.

Not convinced yet, keep reading.

  1. Vape Stores offer a variety of E-juices

With cigarettes you know you can just get the flavor of tobacco or perhaps menthol. With E-juices the choices are endless. You can vape strawberries one day and mangoes the next. You may indulge in your favorite desert fantasy. The variety of E-liquids is lure enough to actually help you make the switch.

  1. You can indulge without gaining an ounce

Imagine vaping sweet cakes, apple pies and chocolates and not gain an ounce. Vaping could actually help you get a taste of your favorite sweets minus the additional calories.

  1. People who make the switch to E-cigarettes report better health

Smoking can cause a plethora of health diseases. Anything from smokers cough to something like infertility has been attributed to smoking. However people who make the switch report an improved health and a general feeling of well being.

  1. Research points vaping is way better than smoking

In the past there have been quite a few researches on the effects of vaping. It was found that vape juice contained less harmful chemicals plus the ingredients used in E-juices are those found in food as well. However, studies are still underway on the effect of these products when inhaled.


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