Beginners Guide to your First Vape Kit



If you’re here you are probably curious about what is this thing called vaping that you keep hearing about. Since I have begun vaping I have met many people who would approach me and ask me about what I was doing. Most of these people were cigarette smokers who had heard about vaping and were curious about trying it. I wanted to put together a quick primer on electronic cigarettes and vape products to help people who want to learn more. Everyone I know that has become a regular vaper has told me how much it has benefited their life and become a positive change. I am putting together a guide to vaping. The information that I list is what I have found. Other people may have a little different opinion. The most important thing is that you find something that works for you.

When you first look for electronic cigarette products you probably come across something that you found at your local convenience store. It might have been one of those blu or njoy brands that are “look-a-likes” of conventional cigarettes. These are brands manufactured by big tobacco companies and have entered the market recently, after the growth of vaping became undeniable. They come in a limited variety of flavors and if you have tried one you might say to yourself that it was cool. You could see yourself using a cig-a-like. But with time you still might find yourself going back to the conventional cigarette because the look-a-like just didn’t cut it all the time.

To get started with a respectable vaping kit does not cost a lot of money, compared to what you are already spending on conventional cigarettes. The problem that the people I have spoken with is that there are so many types of batteries and tanks and ejuice/eliquid that it is hard to settle on just one thing and make the switch to and Adanced Personal Vaporizer (APV).


I am going to help you cut through the noise and help you to get started. I will start by describing what you need to get an enjoyable vape experience. In later topics I will discuss more advanced vaping topics. But if you want to get out and start vaping you need to get something that works and doesn’t break the bank. When you set out to get your first decent vape set up you will need about 50$. You could spend a little bit less or a little bit more. What I find to be one of the most fun aspects of vaping is the ability to customize everything. But to get started let me tell you about the basics.

To get started you will need

  1. Battery – This is the energy source for making your electronic cigarette and vaping device works comes from.
  2. Tank – This is where you will store your vape juice.
  3. Battery Charger – Scientists are working on creating a battery that does not loose its charge, until then you will need to recharge the battery.
  4. E-liquid / E-Juice – Also called Vape Juice, and Nectar of the Gods. This comes in a variety of flavors from so many manufacturers that you can have a different juice every day for the rest of your life and still not try them all.

Find a local vape shop and ask about each of these components and features.




Every vaping device you have out there is a customization of these 4 parts. From the cig-a-likes that you buy from your convenience store to the high end Mods that you get from far corners of the globe in limited editions.


1-     BATTERY

The best starter battery:

If you are starting out you should get either and EGO style battery or an EVOD style battery. Ego and Evod are not manufacturers, they only refer to the style of the battery itself. There are many different brands for EGO and EVOD style batteries. Do not get confused about this point.

This is an EGO battery. Ego batteries have the button slightly protruding from the casing. This makes the button easy to find in the dark. Also the button will usually light up when you push it.

small black ego battery

Compare this to an EVOD battery.

EVOD Battery black


The button of the EVOD battery sits flush with the casing.


They both come in standard sizes of:

400 mAh

650 mAh

900 mAh

1100 mAh

1300 mAh

The milli amp hours only refers to the charge that the battery can hold. The larger the charge or mAh the larger the battery will be.

With that said. I would recommend getting the Twist / Spinner version of your EGO or EVOD battery. The twist /spinner is a variable voltage option on these batteries. The ability to adjust the voltage output is a great feature to have even on a starter kit because it allows you to really begin to personalize and customize your vape experience from the first day.

How can you tell if it is a twist / spinner? Easy just look at the base and see if it has a dial that allows you to vary the voltage.

Evod-Twist-Battery                    ego twist


The normal price for this type of battery can be around $20-$25. This will vary by manufacturer and battery size.

  • Since Everyone has different tastes you can use the variable-voltage (3.3v – 4.9v)  dial to personalize the voltage output that that suits you. E-juices require different voltages to find the ideal flavor. Tobacco and chocolate flavors usually taste better at higher voltages while fruity flavors usually taste better at lower voltages.
  • The Ego and Evod twist’s has a voltage-regulator. This allows consistent vapor production with every puff until battery life is depleted.
  • The twist batteries have a protection circuit that will cut off if the button is held for too long, usually about 10 seconds.
  • By clicking the battery 5 times you can turn it off so you can’t accidentally burn out your battery while in your pocket or purse.


2-      Tank


Tanks are a little tricker. There are many great manufacturers of tanks. There are many great limited ediction tanks made by individuals all over the globe. But for a starter kit I would recommend two brands. Either a tank made by Kanger tech or by Aspire.  Some companies have made their name by being great battery makers, like innoken or smoktech. Kanger and Aspire have made their name by being the best Tanks.


When looking for your first tank you want to consider that it should be reusable. That means that you don’t have to throw the whole thing away when it gets old. Both Kanger and Aspire make tanks that have replaceable wicks and you can open up the tanks to clean out old gunked up e-juice.


Both Kanger and Aspire manufacture starter to high end tanks. I will recommend a starter tank from both for your starter kit.


Kanger T3S

Kanger T3s


This tank holds a decent 3 ml of e-liquid. That is enough to last many vapers all day.

This tank uses a replaceable wick system that can easily be changed when needed.

With a wide variety of colors to choose from you can find the color that you like the most.

Aspire CE5

aspire ce5 bdc clearomizer


This tank holds almost 2 ml of e-juice. That is a good amount, more than found in cig-a-likes.

The Device uses a replaceable coil system that provides excellent vape experience and flavor.

It has a removable drip tip so you can also personalize that part of the tank


3-    Charger



You will need a simple and inexpensive battery charger to keep you up and running.

When you search for a vape battery charger make sure it  can be charged via USB or power outlet. You should ask if it is compatable with all EGO and EVOD batteries. Always get the wall charging unit and NEVER charge your electronic cigarette on your computer. Using an unregulated power source to charge your battery can cause it to short circuit and explode!


4-    E-liquid / E-Juice / Vape Juice



When it comes to Vape Juice you should buy from A repudable company that uses pharmaceutical grade approved ingredients in all of their e-Juice. There are great e-liquid manufacturers in the USA, UK, Canada, Just to name a few. They have a HUGE variety of flavors to choose from. e-Juices come in more flavors than you can imagine.

  • Vape-Juices can be purchased with 0mg, 1.2mg, 1.8mg, or 2.4mg of Nicotine.
  • We recommend e-liquid which uses USP Grade Nicotine, which is USA made, meets EU6.0 standards and is 99.86% pure.
  • A 30ml bottle will re-fill the tank about 8-10 times.


The Starter Kit Recap | Cost: $58

Here’s a quick recap of the setup I just described. You can also find starter kits that cost more ($60-$90) that come with a carrying case and extra batteries or tanks from the items I’ve listed above, but I recommend that first-timers buyers purchase each piece separately to keep costs down.

  • $23 – The Ego-C Twist VV battery (650 mAh)
  • $8 – The Clearomizer tank
  • $10-Ego Battery Charger
  • $17–e-juice (30 ml)

Total Cost: $58


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