Analog – A tobacco cigarette.

Atomizer (aka atty) – The part that heats up the e-liquid and turns it into vapor.

Battery (aka Batt) – batteries used to run PV’s

Blanks – Cartridges with dry filler material to be filled with e-liquid by the user. Also a cartridge with the filler material removed to be used as just a mouthpiece when dripping liquid.

Cartomizer – A type of cartridge that combines the cartridge and atomizer in one unit.

Cartridge (aka Cart) – The part that makes up the mouthpiece for the electronic cigarette and contains a reservoir with filler material to hold the e-liquid.

Chest/Lung Hit – Feeling in your chest of vapor filling it up (varies based on liquid content)

Cleaning Cycle – When the battery turns itself to a constant on for a period of 20-40 seconds to burn the residue off the atomizer (removing cartridge during this process prevents the polyfil from melting onto the atomizer)

Coil – The part inside the atomizer that heats up.

Core – A cartridge which has no e-liquid/juice in it. It is dry and can be filled with the juice of your choice.

Cut off – Battery shutdown to protect atomizer from overheating.

Dipping – The practice of dipping an exposed atomizer coil into e-liquid.

DIY – Do-It-Yourself

Dripping – The practice of dripping e-liquid directly onto the atomizer coil.

ECA – Electronic Cigarette Association

ECF – e-cigarette-forum.com is the most popular and widely populated forum about electronic cigarettes

E-cig – An electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer (PV)

E-liquid – The liquid used in an electronic cigarette to produce the vapor. (aka nic liquid, juice, e-juice, niquid, nic juice, etc…)

Electronic Cigarette – also known as E-cig & Personal Vaporizer (PV)

FDA – Food and Drug Administration

Li-ion – Lithium ion batteries used in PV’s

Manual Switch – Switch operated by user to turn battery power on/off

MC – Menthol Crystals which are used to make some e-liquids.

MG – Milligram (in this case refers to the amount of nicotine per milliliter of e-liquid.)

ML – Milliliter is a measure of e-liquid/juice

Mod – modification or moderator depending on context

Modder – One who modifies PV’s

Nic – nicotine

NRT – Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Passthrough (PT) – A device that is used in place of a battery that connects to a USB outlet to draw power.

PCC – Personal Charging Case

PEG – polyethylene glycol

PG – propylene glycol

Polyfil – (aka stuffing/batting/fiber/wool) the material that fills the cartridge

Personal Vaporizer (PV) – An electronic cigarette/cigar/pipe/box/mod/stick which vaporizes e-liquid

RY4 –  is a very popular flavor which is often described as a mix of caramel and vanilla with a smokey flavor to it.

RYO – roll your own

Snus – nicotine tabs used as nicotine replacement

Throat Hit (TH) – Feeling in your throat caused by vapor being inhaled
(varies with nicotine level and liquid content/flavor)

Topping off – Putting more e-liquid in the cartridge you are using

USB Passthrough –  is an empty battery which has a wire and a USB plug and runs off your computer’s power or a portable power pack

Vaper – One that engages in vaping.

Vaping – The act of using an electronic cigarette.

Vapor – the smoke like emmision (steam) produced by using an electronic cigarette

VG – glycerine (vegetable glycerine)

VV –  Variable Voltage, used commonly when referring to a vaping device that offers a variable voltage option.
VW –  Variable Wattage, used commonly when referring to a vaping device that offers a variable wattage option. Variable wattage is becoming the norm on high end regulated mods.
Wick –  The component of a cartridge that soaks up e-liquid. It’s basically a delivery mechanism that delivers the e-liquid to the coil. Wicks are most commonly run through a coil.
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